When’s the Best Time to Buy a Car?

2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV

Knowing the best time to start the process of purchasing a new Mercedes-Benz can seem a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. For one thing, you’ll find excellent pricing and selection at Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre year-round. But if you’re looking for discounts, the last few months of the year are the best time to start your quest. Find out why the time is just right to drive home to Rockville Centre or Long Island in a new Mercedes-Benz.

The Best Times to Buy a New Car

Three times are considered prime times for purchasing a new car. Consider starting your shopping to align with any of these times, and you’re more likely to get the services and prices you want.


We know that many of our Hempstead customers might be starting their workweeks on Monday, but it may be worth it to take a personal day to get an exceptional price on a Mercedes-Benz. That’s because it’s generally the least busy day at dealerships. If you’re shopping for a vehicle and are unsure of what you want or have questions, Monday is the time for you. Our sales team will be less busy and can take the uninterrupted time to help you decide what to buy. While we pride ourselves on always offering our best service to all customers any day of the week, your wait times on Monday will be shorter, and you won’t feel the pressure of other people waiting their turn when you’re working with our team.

End of the Year, Month, or Model Year

When you shop for a new car in October, November, or December, you’re more likely to enjoy special pricing as our sales team works to meet sales quotas for the year. The same goes at the end of any month but to a slightly lesser degree. Keep an eye on when the new model year is released because dealerships tend to drop prices to sell their inventory of the previous model year to make room for new models. For Mercedes-Benz, the end of the model year doesn’t have a specific date. You can contact us for specific information on when vehicles from the next model year will be available.


Big auto sales often coincide with holidays throughout the year, but the last quarter of the year has three big ones: Labor Day, Black Friday, and New Year’s Eve. Both Black Friday and New Year’s Eve overlap with the end of the month, while New Year’s Eve is prime time to buy a new car: it’s the end of the month, quarter, and year. We like robust final sales numbers for those periods, which means excellent deals for you.

It’s Always the Right Time to Buy from Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre

No matter what time of year you choose to purchase your next Mercedes-Benz, the team at Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre is excited to work with you to get the price you want. We offer new vehicle specials year-round. For the best available loan financing rates available to you, apply for financing with us. We’ll do the legwork to get an excellent rate for you!