How Do I Use MBUX?


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How Do I Use MBUX?

Mercedes-Benz User Experience, more commonly known as MBUX, is an infotainment system as intuitive as they come. To use MBUX, all you have to do is slide into your Mercedes-Benz and say, “Hey Mercedes.” Once you activate MBUX, you have access to an array of advanced tech features and systems that will make every drive more convenient and enjoyable than ever before. Want to learn more about how MBUX works? The sales team at our Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre near Wantagh, NY, can explain everything Mercedes-Benz User Experience is capable of.

What is MBUX?

MBUX is a suite of cutting-edge technologies that uses artificial intelligence to upgrade every moment you spend on the road in your new Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz User Experience is centered around a touch operation concept to prevent distracted driving. A High-Resolution Widescreen Cockpit display, Touch-Control buttons on the steering wheel and a touchpad on the center console allow you to access any features you need with ease. MBUX also includes a navigation display with augmented reality technology, as well as intelligent voice control with natural speech recognition. There are plenty of other MBUX features that will make it simple to stay informed on Long Island’s roads such as a head-up display and a digital personal assistant that will keep your appointments and meetings organized.

How does artificial intelligence work with MBUX?

The AI system understands your preferences and behavior so it can customize your driving experience through climate control, music, display and more. You can even choose a theme to pair with the ambient lighting system to create the perfect atmosphere for your daily drives through Wantagh and beyond.

Come to Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre to explore the new Mercedes-Benz lineup. You can buy a new Mercedes-Benz sedan or SUV that offers MBUX to enjoy all of these advanced technologies and more!