Small Repairs

To own a Mercedes-Benz is to take pride in its timeless design and effortless style. But regardless of the care you take in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle, sometimes damage can’t be avoided. Whether it’s a rock chip, a spill, a sharp object piercing the interior, a wheel making contact with the curb, or seasonal hazards like road grime, or salt attacking your rims, Mercedes-Benz has the solution.

Your Mercedes-Benz Dealership or Certified Collision Center can offer minor repairs quickly, easily, and cost effectively, often while you wait.

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Few parts of your vehicle are as readily noticed as the alloy rims. Unfortunately, even the most stunning wheels are susceptible to damage.

If winter road salt or a bump against the curb has left your rims looking less than spectacular, your Mercedes-Benz dealership or Certified Collision Center has the technology to make your rim look restored at a fraction of the cost of a new one.*


To avoid replacing the entire windshield, Mercedes-Benz Dealerships and Certified Collision Centers can fix cracks and stone chips quickly using resins to seal the glass, and polish to take care of pitting.

Keep in mind that this system is only intended to repair minor problems outside of the driver’s field of vision, and is not meant to take care of an issue that has failed a state safety inspection program.

Interior Repairs

Minor scratches, blemishes, and other superficial damage to your vehicle’s interior can be repaired at your Mercedes-Benz Dealership or Certified Collision Center, with the product expertise needed to determine the best repair tools and materials for the job.

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*Please note that not all wheel damage can be repaired, depending on severity.