What Are the Benefits of AWD Vehicles?

October 30th, 2017 by

Mercedes Benz driving in snow

Using an all-wheel drive, or AWD, vehicle has several benefits. In addition to greater versatility and traction, AWD vehicles are ready to hit the road rain or shine, giving drivers peace of mind all year long.

Front, Rear, or All-Wheel Drive?

There are a few different types of drivetrains, including front, rear, and all-wheel drive. To find out why AWD may be the best option for you, there are a several factors to consider. For starters, front and rear-wheel drive vehicles each supply power to only the front or rear wheels respectively. Of all the options, front-wheel drive is the most common. However, both front and rear-wheel drive vehicles suffer from the same issues, specifically that they can’t handle changing weather conditions or off-road conditions particularly well.

With AWD, power is supplied from the engine to each wheel. Have you ever gotten stuck in the mud or snow and couldn’t get out? With AWD, these issues are much less likely to occur. AWD vehicles are better equipped to handle road conditions such as:

  • Slick or slippery surfaces
  • Icy or snowy roads
  • Mud or sand, most commonly found off-road

For Rockville Centre area drivers where weather conditions change from month to month, AWD vehicles may be your best option.

Benefits of Choosing an All-Wheel Drive Vehicle

Choosing an AWD vehicle has many benefits beyond improved traction. In fact, many AWD vehicles are built with quality in mind and will more often have a higher resale value should you choose to switch vehicles in the future. For example, the Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC® AWD drivetrain, which is available on SUVs, coupes, and sedans, provides peace of mind and improved stability to an already luxurious vehicle. With a Mercedes-Benz AWD vehicle, incorporated safety and assistance systems can operate on each wheel individually, preventing potential collisions before they even happen. Between the E-Class, GLE, and other Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the 4MATIC® AWD is just a bonus highlighting the already sophisticated vehicles.

For more information on the benefits of AWD vehicles and on 4MATIC® AWD, contact us directly at 516-665-1551 or visit Mercedes-Benz of Rockville Centre at 650 Sunrise Highway.